A whirlwind musical comedy; engrossing and leaving you asking for more. It’s reminiscent of Garth Marenghi’s ‘Darkplace’, with its surrealist and unreservedly whimsical storyline ... A highly commendable performance.
— ★★★★★ Three Weeks


Returning to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015 after a fantastically successful run at the Festival 2013, Vampire Hospital Waiting Room will be performed as part of the Freestival at Sin Club from the 7th-31st August at 1.15pm.

The twisted single-act plot follows a horrific car crash which finds handsome billionaire Arty Baldwin trapped, wheelchair-bound and comatose in Dr. Bloom's waiting room with his sharp-witted but distraught secretary Liz. Unfortunately, the good doctor is distracted. Convinced that Arty is the Vampire Lord on the verge of his long-prophesised return to power, he sets about awakening his new master so that he might too join the ranks of the immortals. 

A comedy “B-movie” for the stage, the show features live scoring and eight original songs including 'Love is Like a Car Crash' and 'Let's Put the Fun in Funeral'. 

After an initially successful workshop developed and staged in just two weeks, the past two and a half years have seen the show, cast and crew move from strength to strength including a preview run at London’s Hen and Chicken’s theatre, a critically-acclaimed Free Fringe run at Edinburgh Fringe 2013 with the Laughing Horse with three late night extra shows at the Bedlam Theatre.